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Mineral Wool P+ Sandwich Panels

Mineral wool panels reduce fire and smoke hazards

Today's industry practice is to reduce risks. Fire is one of the largest risks for a company. For the people working in and around the facility it is important that risks are brought to a minimum. Not only fire is a large threat, also the smoke from standard insulation materials can cause health problems or even be life-threatening.
Some of our large clients are required to work under Factory Mutual regulations and can not use polystyrene, polyurethane or PIR - polyisocyunerate insulation materials and panels on their projects.

Schardam has been working with Paroc Fire Proof Panels since 1992. Paroc is the mineral wool panel industry leader and produces well over 1M m2 per year. With Paroc panels Schardam has built several large facilities (Foods, Breweries and Data-Centres) for various clients around the world.

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